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Jewish Social Studies 12 (2005/06), Heft 3

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2006

Rebecca Kobrin: Rewriting the Diaspora: Images of Eastern Europe in the Bialystok Landsmanshaft Press, 1921-45 (S. 1)

Gur Alroey: ?And I Remained Alone in a Vast Land?: Women in the Jewish Migration from Eastern Europe (S. 39)

Allison Schachter: The Shtetl and the City: The Origins of Nostalgia in Ba-yamin ha-hem and Shloyme reb khayims (S. 73)

Susan A. Glenn: The Vogue of Jewish Self-Hatred in Post-World War II America (S. 95)

Jeffrey S. Gurock: The Late Friday Night Orthodox Service: An Exercise in Religious Accommodation (S. 137)

Marjorie Lamberti: The Reception of Refugee Scholars from Nazi Germany in America: Philanthropy and Social Change in Higher Education (S. 157)

Shaul Magid: In Search of a Critical Voice in the Jewish Diaspora: Homelessness and Home in Edward Said and Shalom Noah Barzofsky?s Netivot Shalom (S. 193)

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