Modern Judaism 29 (2009), Heft 1

Modern Judaism

Inhaltsverzeichnis 29 (2009), Heft 1


Edward K. Kaplan and Shaul Magid: Introduction (S. 1-3)

Arnold Eisen: Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Challenge of Religious Pluralism (S. 4-15)

Mary C. Boys: The Salutary Experience of Pushing Religious Boundaries: Abraham Joshua Heschel in Conversation with Michael Barnes (S. 16-26)

Philip A. Cunningham: „No Religion is an Island“: Catholic and Jewish Theologies of Each Other (S. 27-33)

Michael Lerner: Heschel““s Legacy for the Politics of the Twenty-First Century (S. 34-43)

Peter A. Geffen: Heschel““s Spiritual Humanism: Jewish Education for the Twenty-first Century (S. 44-57)

Barry Shrage: Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Creation of the Jewish Renaissance (S. 58-61)

Arthur Green: Abraham Joshua Heschel: Recasting Hasidism for Moderns (S. 62-79)

Moshe Idel: Abraham J. Heschel on Mysticism and Hasidism (S. 80-105)

David Novak: The Theopolitics of Abraham Joshua Heschel (S. 106-116)

Gianluca Giannini: Abraham Joshua Heschel““s Philosophy of Judaism and its interrelation with“New Thinking“ (S. 117-125)

Gordon Tucker: A.J. Heschel and the Problem of Religious Certainty (S. 126-137)

Shaul Magid: The Role of the Secular in Abraham Joshua Heschel““s Theology: (Re)Reading Heschel After 9/11 (S. 138-160)

Books Received (S. 161-162)

Contributors (S. 163-166)

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