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Journal of Jewish Education 75 (2009), Heft 1

Freitag, Februar 27th, 2009

Journal of Jewish Education

Inhaltsverzeichnis 75 (2009), Heft 1

Michael Zeldin: Jewish Educational Research, Pages 1 - 3

Stuart Z. Charmé: Tradition versus Egalitarianism in the Thinking of Jewish-American Adolescents, Pages 4 - 18

Aliza Segal; Zvi Bekerman: What is Taught in Talmud Class: Is it Class or is it Talmud?, Pages 19 - 46

Deena Sigel: Was Isaac Sacrificed in the End? - Reading Midrash in Elementary School, Pages 47 - 78

Alex Sinclair: A New Heuristic Device for the Analysis of Israel Education: Observations from a Jewish Summer Camp, Pages 79 - 106

Mitchel Malkus: Back to School: Jewish Day School in the Lives of Adult Jews by Alex Pomson and Randal F. Schnoor (Wayne State University Press, 2008), Pages 107 - 110

Journal of Jewish Education 72 (2006), Heft 3

Freitag, Dezember 15th, 2006


Michael Zeldin: Hakarat Hatov: Focusing on the Extraordinary (S. 159)

Sharon Feiman-Nemser: Beit Midrash for Teachers: An Experiment in Teacher Preparation 1 (S. 161)

Elie Holzer: What Connects “Good” Teaching, Text Study and Hevruta Learning? A Conceptual Argument 1 (S. 183)

Orit Kent: Interactive Text Study: A Case of Hevruta Learning (S. 205)

Leah Strigler: Annual Research Update (S. 233)


“Down the Up Staircase: Tales of Teaching in Jewish Day Schools”: by Carol K. Ingall (Jewish Theological Seminary Press, 2006) (Michael A. Kay) (S. 255)

“The Essential Conversation: What Parents and Teachers Can Learn from Each Other”: by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot (Ballantine Books, 2003) (Mitchel Malkus) (S. 259)